Tech and Design: How Collaboration Is Essential to Product Building

The relationship between tech and design is often disjointed.

In fact, when it comes to designers and developers, the two can seem more like competitors than allies.

Yet, collaboration is relevant and essential in every stage of product building, and it is the differentiating factor between a finished product and an incredible product. Bridging the gap between the two teams is critical to success, but many organizations fail to adopt a collaborative mentality.

At Work & Co, Group Design Partner, Lauren Shapiro, and Group Technology Director, Nick Lee, don’t use a waterfall method. They believe in a shared goal and the importance of communication from start to finish, and they will be joining us to share why a collaborative relationship between the two teams is so important and why the key to building an incredible product is involvement.

In this Chat and Learn you will learn:

- Best practices to collaborate between the two teams.
- What essential skills will help you collaborate and communicate effectively.
- How to navigate difficult conversations during all stages of product building.
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