TCC Podcast #13: Howard Panton on Creative Web Development, Changing Media and Productivity

Howard Panton is head of front end development at M2A Media. Howard joins TCC to discuss how the front end scene has changed during his career, his experience running a magazine and mentoring.

Howard is hiring for his team at M2A Media! Get in touch with him below for details, and check out the job: https://m2amedia.tv/careers/frontend-software-engineer/

Links to our discussions:

Zero To Mastery: https://academy.zerotomastery.io/?affcode=441520_4zkdbffr

Black Valley (Mentorship): https://www.blackvalley.co.uk/

Google's UX Course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/foundations-user-experience-design

M2A is hiring a front end software engineer!

Contact Howard:

[email protected]


Contact Cam:


[email protected]
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