Tauri & ReactJS Part 6 - fs API & Invoking Rust from Frontend!

Happy (early) Canada day.
Here is the tutorial you guys have been asking for since my first Tauri tutorial.
https://github.com/elibroftw/modern-desktop-app-template (relevant: ExampleView.jsx, main.rs, SAMPLE_README.md)

Quick correction: the println does show up but it gets buried by hmr (Vite).

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Modifying tauri.conf.json for fs
02:17 using the fs API
04:15 using path and shell APIs
04:39 fs demo
05:40 What about arbitrary files?
05:50 Rust command
08:00 Rust command invocation
10:10 Rust command return data
14:24 Conclusion
Web design
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