Tame the Component Multiverse: Michael Chan

Recorded live at Reactathon 2022. Learn more at https://reactathon.com

Tame the Component Multiverse
Error state, loading state, awkward breakpoint, bad data, poor formatting, browser support. Every component is a multitude of challenges. How do you actually manage it? Disable the network — temporarily. Insert bad code — just for a minute. Paw at the edge of your screen. Hack local database fixtures to bits. Frontend development is a multiverse where dimensions like time and variation result in an infinite number of UI possibilities. In this talk, we'll use Storybook to progressively develop, test, document our work and tame the multiverse of our components.

About Michael Chan
Michael Chan loves the web. He's the host of React Podcast. And he's building Lunch Dev, the friendliest coding community for creative, curious, and compassionate web developers.

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