Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 8 - IA Labs, Digital Accessibility Index

We have entered an age of a professionalised internet with high expectations for accessible websites and mobile applications. On the show this week we are delighted to introduce listeners to Inclusion and Accessibility Labs, a spin-out company from the NCBI.

IA Labs Co-Founder Kyran O’Mahoney, and Adele Buliman, QA and Customer Success Lead, tell us about the work the team is doing to drive forward the issue of equal inclusion and access to the digital world for everyone.

What exactly is digital inclusion and why is it so important? What are legal requirements around digitally accessibility in Ireland and how are companies performing in this regard? Kyran and Adela answer these questions and reveal the key findings from IA Labs’ Digital Accessibility Index that analysed websites against a range of requirements set out by an EU Directive on digital accessibility introduced for public sector bodies in 2020.
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