Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap

Tailwind CSS is an open-source utility-first CSS Framework designed to make your life easier when working with Bootstrap. It’s used by thousands of developers all over the world to build responsive, mobile-first websites without having to worry about cross-browser compatibility or writing tons of CSS.

Step 1. Download

First, download both Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS. Download Bootstrap here then downloads tailwind. For our purposes, you can get away with downloading one of these packages - it’s more of a personal preference which you prefer more.

Tailwind Css Download Link : https://tailwindcss.com/docs/installation

Step 2 : Unzip

Unzip your download, you will now have a file folder called tailwind CSS-master. Keep that open (on a mac, right-click and select unzip).

Inside you will see three files :

1. Tailwind.js
2. Tailwind.min.js
3. node_modules

Step 3. Locate bootstrap files

Once you’ve installed tailwind, all you need to do is locate your bootstrap files and replace every occurrence of bootstrap with a tailwind.

In your code editor, navigate to \app\src\main\webapp\bootstrap

In your browser’s address bar, type localhost: 3000/components/com_tcs/css/tailwind.css and locate tailwind.css.

Step 4: Open styles. less file

Next Step, Add @import statement: You will need to add an @import statement after /*! . To do so, place your cursor right after /*! and press Ctrl + Spacebar on Windows or Command + Spacebar on Mac.

Step 5: Add tailwind CSS package into your main file

run the command from your terminal: npm install tailwind CSS –save-dev. If you don't have a package .json file, create one and add tailwind CSS as a dev dependency. On the main tailwind page
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