TABLES in web pages / modifying properties with Style-sheets - Cambridge ICT IGCSE 0417 Web Design

Everything you need to know about TABLES in Webpage design and the respective tags used to create them. Learn about the various tags, cellspace, cell padding, borders, width, border-collapse and more. Video is designed as a learning and revision resource for studnets taking the - Cambridge ICT IGCSE 0417 examiniation.
0:00 Understanding tables in HTM code
Identifying the table structure
Merged cells
4:23 Cell spacing and cellpadding
11:39 Analysing tables and their respective HTML code
16:46 Table with colspan
19:19 Table with rowspan
22:05 Table with separate colspan and rowsapn
23:11 Table with colspapn and rowspan together
26:10 Adding extra an extra columns through source code and its effect on other rows
28:00 Border-collapse, collapsed and separate
30:27 Creating a webpage with a table in Dreamweaver and modifying properties through source code
32:36 Table width fixed or percentage / border / align / cellpadding
37:05 Create a stylesheet and attach it to the HTML file
38:26 identifying that the stylesheet is attached to the webpage from Dreamweaver and the source code
39:06 Modifying the table tag in CSS
width, margin, background, border, border-collapse, border-spacing
48:07 Modifying the td tag in CSS
font, border, background
Web design
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