Switching from Web Developer to UX Design | VethaVarshini, UX Designer at Think Design Collaborative

Is a switch from Web Development to UX design worth it? but more importantly, is it the right move for you?

Time to introspect with another great conversation between the amazing VethaVarshini Kavya Allam, UX Designer at Think Design Collaborative, and Atul the founder at @Designerrs Academy

She shares her journey from the world of Web development to UX research and eventually to UX Design!

00:00 Introduction
01:29 Development journey
01:50 Curiosity in UX Design
02:45 Her first UX job role
06:00 Validating UX research online
06:50 Mistakes UX design freshers make
07:30 Mindset of web developers compared to UX design
08:55 Skills a UX designer needs
09:13 Benefits of being a web developer entering into UX design
09:56 Skills required for a web developer to become a UX designer

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