Switching from IT to UX Design, Vignesh Karthic S, Associate Director Design at Valuelabs

We are back with another amazing conversation with the inspiring Associate Director of Design at @valuelabs, Vignesh Karthic S!

Any techies out there eyeing UX? but hesitant to make the switch?

Vignesh in his conversation with Atul @atul.design, founder at Designerrs, shares his journey and gives us valuable tips and input into switching to a rewarding career in UX!


03:16 Design journey during his college days

04:16 Vignesh took up a design course

04:54 Made a decision to follow designing instead of IT profession

05:10 First job in his journey

08:18 Moving out of the city and facing uncomfortable situations

12:50 Joined a Design course.

13:45 The design knowledge helped him to communicate with stakeholders better

17:22 Book he read to overcome uncomfortable situations and be confident

18:09 Unusual activities he started doing to jump out of his comfort zone

22:57 Good qualities of a designer

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