Switching from Communication Design to UX Design | Vidhunnan, Product Designer at @Bigbasket. com

Want to know the advantages of having Foundational Design Skills when getting into UX?

Watch yet another eye-opening conversation from our DETAUX Community between Vidhunnan Murugan, Product Designer at @Bigbasket. com who is switching over from Communication Design, and the Designerrs founder Atul! 


00:00 Introduction

01:52 Travelled to Singapore to study visual design diploma

03:05 Exploring opportunities of design processes outside India

05:15 Design creation in-depth knowledge acquired from foreign education

09:05 Design fundamentals can be transferred from one design profile to others

12:49 Costs to complete design diploma in Singapore

13:53 Future of user experience design 

15:58 Sharing knowledge in design also helps you grow

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