Sustainability Today for the Lab of Tomorrow

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Ryann Rios

Speaker Biography:
Ryann Rios has a BA in Marketing and Advertising from The Art Institutes International and is the Vertical Marketing Manager for Labconco Corporation. She's spent a decade presenting and assisting clients on optimization methods for streamlined success harnessing psychology and marketing tactics. Her certifications, experience, and affiliations include: American Marketing Association (AMA) certification, American Advertising Federation of Kansas City (AAFKC), American Institute of Graphic Artists.

Sustainability Today for the Lab of Tomorrow

Webinar Abstract:
Every purchasing decision you make for your lab today impacts the environmental story you’ll tell tomorrow. Labs are notorious for draining energy, single-use plastics, and tossing harmful chemicals into the air we breathe. By learning what makes lab equipment sustainable, and the features and materials to look for, you can begin to make decisions that have a lasting impact on the environment and labs’ overall footprint.

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