Stripe Integration In Laravel

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In This Video,We Will See How Stripe Payment Gateway Integration With Laravel,For More Details Visit Below Links......

Stripe, It’s a San Francisco based tech company that offers payment acceptance services worldwide.Stripe majorly provides payment processing software and application programming interfaces exclusively for e-commerce websites not only but also mobile applications.Stripe is a US company allowing businesses to accept payments over the Internet. It operates in 25 countries and powers 100,000+ businesses.Stripe payments allow you to get paid with all major cards from customers around the world on the web or in mobile apps. This is all about stripe.

General Flow:
Step-1:Open Developer Account in Stripe And Generate API Keys AND Secret
Step-2:Install Stripe PHP composer Package-composer require stripe/stripe-php
Step-3:Get Your Stripe Key And Secret From Stripe Dashboard And put in .env file
Step-4:Create Payment Controller and make use of keys specified in .env file
Step-5:Create Routes Appropriate For Showing Payment Form & Process Payment Form....
Step-6:Create Payment Form For UI & Put Validations

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