Storytelling in Web Design with Designer Josh Donnelly | Episode 17

What mediums come to mind when thinking about good storytelling? Perhaps books, tv shows, movies, and even some video games. But what about a website?

This week’s guest, Josh Donnelly believes storytelling is a vital part to good web design. He shares his journey from video production to creating websites and brand logos. We also discuss how to apply what you know across disciplines, learning on the job, and why people feel impostor syndrome.

Topics Covered:
How Video Storytelling Influenced Josh’s Web Design
Applying What You Know Across Disciplines
Hindsight is Always Clearer
How to Tell a Story with Web Design
From Corporate America to Small Business
Learning on the Job and Pushing Yourself
How Creative Work is Like a Puzzle
Timeless Vs. Trendy
Josh’s Take on Impostor Syndrome
Why People Create

Josh Donnelly’s Website: doncomarketing.com
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