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In this stream I'll be taking the storybrand wireframe that was created last week and start designing the UI. I'll be taking my brand's colors and fonts and applying them to build the website's design aesthetic.

This will be my 100% unfiltered storybrand website design so I hope it helps you out with your own redesign project.

If you haven't read Donald Miller's book "Building A Story Brand", just know that they teach a formula that helps businesses clarify their messaging so they can improve their marketing, and by extension, conversions.

The Book:
The Audiobook:

Download the Starter File (Adobe XD):
Download my Storybrand Website Wireframe:

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My name is David Martin and I build high-converting websites for agencies, startups, and digital entrepreneurs that NEED their website so they can make MONEY.

It's my goal to share everything I've learned in my 10+ years planning, designing, and developing kickass websites so you can do it too!
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