Storyboard tutorial: Incorporating Multi-touch Gestures into your Storyboard-built GUI Applications

Not only have smartphones transformed the way we live and conduct everyday activities, such as shopping, banking, and communicating, but they have also transformed the expectations that consumers have with the user experience (UX) that embedded devices with touchscreens offer.

So how can you develop a modern GUI application that provides users with an intuitive UI/UX?

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we discuss different ways you can implement a modern multi-touch gesture experience into the GUI application of your next embedded project

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0:00 Welcome
3:02 Introduction to Storyboard
7:58 Storyboard and gestures
10:15 Storyboard gesture plugins
13:03 Interpreting gestures in Lua
13:55 Building gestures within Storyboard (demo)
34:21 Q&A

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