Storyblok + Nuxt3 - The Basics Part I

What happens when you combine the best VueJS framework out there with an amazing headless CMS solution like Storyblok?

I tell you what, an tasty recipe using the Nuxt3 module to create amazing websites full of content in a blink of an eye.

To check the complete code here is the repo https://github.com/alvarosaburido/sushi-wuut-storyblok-nuxt3

- Storyblok Nuxt3 module https://github.com/storyblok/storyblok-nuxt/tree/next
- Nuxt3 Documentation https://v3.nuxtjs.org/
- Storyblok Documentation

Come say hi on Twitter https://twitter.com/alvaro_code

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:17 Nuxt
00:00:38 Storyblok
00:02:10 Landing Page Design
00:02:56 Setting up the project
00:10:18 Configure storyblok-nuxt module
00:14:41 Nuxt layout and pages structure
00:18:20 Header component
00:23:22 Storyblok Content Structures
00:27:49 The Page component
00:31:41 useStoryApi composable
00:34:30 The Hero component
00:51:31 Feature list component
01:13:08 End of Part I
01:13:28 Outro
Web design
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