steal these ux design hacks from star wars! how to design ux better?

#webdesigning #uxdesign #ui how to design ux? you can't tell me that you haven't watched star wars. have you noticed those little ux design tips? yes, that's right. there was lots of little user experience details in scenes.

as a web designer, you should put every situations in designing way. You should learn to become a design machine. You must steal ui design or ux designing details. First, watch this ux design tutorial.

All the web developers, ux designers and ui designer learned to steal details. They learned to get inspired.

In this "ux design hacks" I told you why star wars is one hell of a movie. These tiny little ux facts can make a lot difference in your website design.

If you know other web designer, just share this video. hope i could help user experience designer.

00:00 intro
02:23 ux design hack one
04:20 ux design hack two
06:13 ux design hack three
06:44 ux design hack four
08:48 ux design hack five
09:12 outro
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