Start Up #26: Uplift Code Camp - Learn Coding from Scratch! ft. Ruffa Carreon & JC Azcarraga

Ruffa Carreon is a Co-Founder at Uplift Code Camp. JC Azcarraga is a Teaching Professional at Uplift Code Camp.

Uplift Code Camp is a Philippine coding boot camp teaching full-stack web application development and short weekend seminars.

Uplift Code Camp has run boot camps and short courses through the years, helping its graduates land successful jobs. Know more about how they teach beginner-friendly coding to ANYONE, how they design the programs, the curriculum, and the learning process at Uplift Code Camp, the vision to upskill Filipinos in coding and problem-solving, and why coding?

In this episode:
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Ano ang Uplift Code Camp?
01:18 Ano nga ba ang full-stack? ;)
03:43 Why is coding important?
06:14 How do you teach in Uplift Code Camp?
13:58 Sino ang mga nag-aaral sa Uplift Code Camp?
18:24 What are the stories behind starting up Uplift Code Camp?
24:13 How did Uplift Code Camp grow over the years?
27:10 Do you think the majority of Filipinos should know how to code?
29:33 If people want to learn at Uplift Code Camp, how can they get more information?

Website: https://www.upliftcodecamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upliftcodecamp

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