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This is how to scale typography responsively and achieve perfect typography on any device. If you’ve been wondering what the perfect font size on any device is, don’t miss this video.
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Looking for perfectly responsive typography? Without a bunch of CSS media queries and looking at different device breakpoints, this can be a pain to figure out. Stop worrying about px vs. em vs. rem for font sizing. The perfect font size for web design isn’t as simple of a question as you might think. Devices come in all different sizes, and pixels (what you might be used to using for selecting font sizes) in terms of sizing, don’t show up the same way on all devices. What will look large on a small phone at 25px, will look tiny on a 4K monitor when viewing the same text.

Enter scale text in Editor X: the solution to this problem. This text scale in Editor X feature will allow you to create prefect responsive text. Web design and text sizing doesn’t have to be difficult with this awesome Editor X feature. Simply enter your smallest value for a font size, and your largest value for a font size. When switching between device breakpoints, Editor X will scale that text based on the range you’ve provided responsively. In today’s video, I’m going to cover some responsive typography tips, discuss golden ratio typography, cover common typography guidelines, and show off this cool feature in Editor X.

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