Start Google Go Programming Today and Become a Master of Golang! Part 3

Level up your Google Go coding skills from basic commands through building your own website with Golang!

In this course, you will learn:

- Establishing your Go Language system
- Golang fundamentals
- Golang variables and operators
- Golang If statements
- Golang Switch statements and for loops
- Golang functions
- Golang arrays and pointers
- Golang structures, slices, and ranges
- Golang web development: HTML basics
- Golang web development: CSS basics
- Golang web development: Basic website structure
- Golang web development: Bootstrap framework
- Golang web development: Creating a website template
- HTTP status codes

This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course, and we hope you love it!

0:00:00 Start Google Go Programming Today and Become a Master of Golang! Part 3
0:00:37 45 l Understanding attributes and their uses in HTMLization
0:04:22 46 l Understanding fix attributes
0:07:08 47 l Documenting and commenting
0:10:01 48 l Understanding linking methods in HTML
0:19:02 49 l Understanding how to apply images in HTML
0:26:50 50 l Tabulating in HTML
0:30:16 51 l Understanding iframe logic and uses
0:36:01 52 l Learn head area and its deep parts
0:45:01 53 l Understanding user inputs
0:53:32 54 l Div and other semantic tags
0:58:43 55 l Lists ordered and unordered
1:02:43 56 l Nested ordered and unordered lists
1:07:02 57 l IDs, classes ad their uses in CSS
1:19:22 58 l Background properties and its uses
1:27:47 59 l Understanding element box model
1:34:07 60 l Floating and clearing the elements
1:45:19 61 l Understanding positioning
1:52:30 62 l Designing header and understanding basics of page designing
1:59:31 63 l Designing navbar
2:05:47 64 l Main area and footer designing
2:12:49 65 l How and why to use bootstrap for front end development

Make sure to check out the playlist for the rest of the videos.



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