Starfish SEO & Marketing Builds Attention-Grabbing, Clear, & Useful Websites.

Web Development has simultaneously become easier and more difficult. There are so many ways to create a custom website, but so little guidance on how to do it right. Questions you should ask about the design include: Is the website user-friendly? Does it display your services clearly? Will it grab a share of the ever-shrinking attention span? Each answer should be a firm “yes.” If not, then you need to make changes. If you need help with your website, call our team at Starfish SEO & Marketing. We have professionals who can re-design and re-work your existing website, or we can build a new one from the (virtual) ground up. We’re here making a difference one business at a time.

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Starfish SEO & Marketing Builds Websites that Work for You

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to build your website, but not a lot of guidance. Most of us have experienced websites that are confusing, too busy, or just not useful. Have you ever looked up a business to find that you couldn’t figure out its hours, locations served, or even the phone number? We have, and an informal poll among neighbors and friends revealed that it’s a common experience.

Our Starfish web designers have the perfect constellation of experiences and skills to create a website that showcases your business:

• Design principles
• Marketing
• Clarity in art and writing
• Focus
• Eyes for detail
• Analytics

We can track visits to your website and figure out what grabs attention and what does not. We help you distinguish your business from others that are similar, which brings in customers.

At Starfish, we understand that business owners differ in the amount of time that they can/are willing to devote to web design and content, so we provide the full range of services. We’re equally happy to edit an existing website as we are to design one from scratch.

Call us at (615) 672-8900 or reach out via our website. We’ll talk with you about:

• What you want customers to know about your business
• Business strengths
• Needs and expectations

If you are looking to expand your customer or client base, a clear and easy-to-find website is the best way to go. People’s primary source of information is the internet, so your business can be invisible without a great website.

We look forward to helping your build your internet presence!

Starfish SEO & Marketing is always eager to help you and is committed to making a difference one business at a time.

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