Squarespace Website Planning | Complete Web Design Tutorial For Beginners 2022

In this video, you'll learn all the essential things you need to set up before you actually build your website. This includes finding your keywords, writing the copy for your main pages, and organizing your website inspiration.

00:00-01:15 ntro
01:16-08:24 Keyword Planning
08:25-12:10 Site Goals
12:11-15:09 Site Routes
15:10-24:40 Writing Your Home Page
24:41-28:57 Writing Your About Page
28:58-33:55 Writing Your Product or Service Page
33:56-36:47 Writing Your Portfolio Page
36:48-40:09 Writing Your Contact and 404 Error Page
40:10-48:40 UX and Design Best Practices
48:41-52:56 E-Commerce Design Best Practices
52:57- 58:18 Website Inspiration Without Copying

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