SpaceX Starship Updates, NASA DART Mission, Firefly Launch Success, Delta IV Heavy and much more.

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Along with a bunch of SpaceX Starship Updates, this has been a huge week. They are swarming all over the orbital launch mount preparing for flight. We had the always magical and fiery Delta IV Heavy with the NROL 91 mission. A little bitter sweet though and you’ll see why. We had the amazing DART mission successfully smashing into Dimorphos in one of the most spectacular displays of deep space action to date. NASA’s Artemis 1 saga continues with yet another round of rollback of the SLS. But I’m sure you’ll forgive them when you see why. Firefly just made it to orbit in their second ever attempt. Then a bunch of other interesting stuff. We have Rocket Labs Neutron Rocket design update, Ariane Spaces Smart Upper Stage, and a bunch more great stuff.

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