Sometimes the Journey goes Sideways

Resources That I use to learn coding whether they are paid or free. Watch the video see if there is something you would like to use for your self. Remember to like, comment and subscribe.

Feel free to leave comments suggesting content for the next video or to ask questions.

Real Tough Candy's Website (sign up for that newsletter):

Coding Phase's Website (You can sign up for his courses for 50% off while offer lasts!):

Web Developer Bootcamp (The best Udemy course for a beginner to Web Development. It is instructed by the Awesome Colt Steele.):
When you use the link above you help support Joe over at Coding Phase He does alot to help build up the community so I would like to help him back to say thanks.

Mozilla Development Network:

Free Code Camp:

Code Academy:

These are some books I am currently going through as I learn Web Development and Programming in General. If you have any suggestions for books for me please leave them for me in the comments below.

Soft Skills:
HTML & CSS/Javascript & Jquery Bundle:
Build an HTML5 Game:
The Principles of Object-Oriented Javascript:
Python Crash Course:
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python:
Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python:
You Don't Know JS: Up and Going:

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