Software Development || Learn Web Designing, Chapter 1

Note: In end of this video you found I typed "tr" after "td" that's wrong, that's why I told you to debug or research about table. Tell me in comments that "sir you are wrong typing about tr td in table", so that I found that you are learning seriously.

Learn Web designing with basic to advance level. By the end of this all chapter you will get a great knowledge about web designing and how you can crack your job interview and demand for good salary.

Hello my name is Naveen Yadav. I'm experienced software developer since 2017, I've great knowledge about web designing, web development, mobile development as well as machine learning by this channel I just providing you a knowledge that what should you have to remember and what should you have to learn to get a good salary package without any IT degree.

Let's see what you will learn with this channel.
1. Web designing ( Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery)
2. NodeJs
3. Web Development (Php, Core Php, CI, Wordpress)
4. Mobile Development (iOS - Swift, Objc / Android - Java, Kotlin)
5. Troubleshooting ( Windows / Mac / Linux )
6. Little bit hacking ;)
7. Your Problem Solve

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Web design
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