Should we learn web Technologies in 2022 | Web development in 2022 |Career in web development #viral

In this video we will know about the benefits of web development or web technologies in 2022

is there any future to learn this technology

should we go for this ????


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we know that we are as a human when we communicate throgh a people we have to used language any human language like English,HINDI ,GUJRATI,MARATHI,FRECH etc..

ON the other hand when we talk through a machine so we need to a intermediate language to talk with them so Computer Programming language like C,C++,JAVA,Python and etc are the most common programming language which used to communicate with computer so thats why when we want to communicate with computer we have to use computer Programming languages ...

Today we are dealing any work with Internet COMPUTER using programming languages
in this channel we have used some basic concept of and advance concept of Programming skills

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