Setting Up Processes in Your Web Design Business

Did you tell yourself that this is the year your business grows? This is the year you start to scale!

This is the year you're going to get your shit together.

Look, if you're a web designer or even a developer, chances are that you might be a bit on the creative side. And creatives, well, we're not so great with the whole organizational, processes thing.

In the years I've been in business, not being great with the processes and or treating my business like the actual business it is is the reason I've failed before. I tried to freelance years ago, and I could never get to a consistent revenue.

Because I wasn't treating my business like a business.

One thing you can do to improve all that? Implementing some processes - or Standard Operating Procedures - into your business.

In today's episode, I'm going to take you through how to implement standard operating procedures in your web design business to grow faster.
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