Set up Visual Studio Code for HTML/CSS/JS Websites Development

Setup Visual Studio Code for HTML/CSS/JS Websites Development

Setting up Visual Studio Code with proper extensions makes codes and development really easy and fun and increases your coding speed by many folds. We'll setup visual studio code in this video. Following extensions will be installed in Visual Studio Code.

Autoprefixer - For Auto Prefixing of CSS to support for all browsers
LiveServer - For running the real time live preview of your website while you are coding. The preview is automatically run upon every save.
Prettier - Code Formatter - This is very handy extension to always have your code automatically properly indented.
Color Highlight - This extension is used to have your color codes with the appropriate color in code.

We'll also see some of the settings of Visual Studio Code which can be very helpful towards your coding experience like

Font Size
Format on Auto Save
Default Formatter
Word Wrap
Web design
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