Serverless in the Park | Reactathon 2022 Day 3 Livestream

Serverless in the Park is a special 3rd day at Reactathon 2022, with talks dedicated to Serverless, Edge Computing, and Infrastructure-as-code. Learn more at

Speakers today:

Jeremy Daly, Serverless Inc: Keynote - the State of Serverless
Matt Biilmann (Netlify), Brian LeRoux (, and Jeremy Daly (, moderated by Rob Sutter (Fauna): Panel: The future of Jamstack & Serverless
Mark Erikson, The Evolution of Redux Async Logic
Erik Rasmussen, Centered: State Machines on the Edge
Rob Sutter, Fauna: Building data-driven APIs at the edge
Kristi Perreault, Liberty Mutual: What I Have Learned Scaling Serverless First at Liberty Mutual
Tejas Kumar, Xata: Building a Massively Scalable and Performant Jamstack App in Minutes

Special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Vercel (, & our Platinum Sponsor, Hasura (
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