Serverless - Building a Mindset for Single DynamoDB Table design

We are happy to announce that AWS User Group Nashik-Mumbai-Pune is back with another exciting session, "Building a Mindset for Single DynamoDB Table design" by Anurag Kale, AWS Data Hero & Cloud Software Architect at Polestar.

This session will focus on AWS DynamoDB service. DynamoDB is more than a key-value store, the table design differs quite a lot from how relational database schemas are designed. In this talk, Anurag will provide a few tips and tricks to help the attendee look at DynamoDB from a new perspective, which will assist them in understanding the concept of Single Table Design.

Active folks will get a chance to win amazing goodies and vouchers from AWS.

Date and Day - 3rd July, Sunday
Time - 03:00 PM IST
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