Send User Data From a WhatsApp Chatbot Directly to Your CRM | Landbot Integrations

Ever wondered how much you could do with Landbot? Well, today you’ll learn about one of the most complete integrations we have, the Webhook Block! Which will grant you the ability to interact with almost any API of your choice.

For that, there are a set of steps we will follow:
- First, we will create the bot with its basic questions.
- Then, in the HubSpot API documentation, we will copy the code we need to create a contact.
- Thirdly we will use Postman, an application used for API testing, that will dissect that code and simplify the next process.
- That will be setting up and testing the Webhook Block in Landbot.

This tutorial only scrapes the surface of the possibilities you can achieve building WhatsApp chatbots with Landbot.

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