Selling Web Design W/ Shane Hodge CEO of Camel Co

If you're in web design, you need to watch this video. Owner of The Camel Co and Ruan Marinho conversate casually over a YouTube live stream and discusses the newest web design strategies, how to grow a web design agency, and what it's like running a team in the philippines.

Australian, Background? High Performance Salesman with products from $50 to $50 Million, lived and worked all over the world, Extensive Tenures in Asia and USA, International Motivational Speaker and Trainer, with Governments, Companies like Telstra, BHP, Singtel, Got Involved in the Mobile website Business 10 years ago, headed up a team that sold 3000 sites in 18 months, started TheCamel in 2013 with 2 people (wife and me) with $75 (no joke long story) and 8 years later? Operations in Australia, India and his home The Phillipines and has a team of over 200 that designs, develops and delivers what he calls Customer Attraction Programs Duda websites, Duda development and digital marketing services to the Global Duda agency Community. How did he do that? Very Old School and he will share those secrets and a few jokes with us today.

He is Married to his awesome wife Mumi, he loves to cook, ride motorbikes too fast and is addicted to Netflix LOL, ladies and gentleman welcome Shane Hodge. If you're interested in doing web design, selling web design, or growing a massive web design agency, please watch this awesome live video with Shane Hodge of The Camel Co. A world renown web design, development, and web design fulfillment partner from Duda. With over 300 agency clients, Shane goes over how ot scale web design business regardless if you're a freelancer or web design agency.
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