Selling SEO Part 1: Should You Offer SEO as a Web Design Service with Farzad Rashidi

Ep. 203 - Are you ever so curious about adding SEO as a service for your web design business? And if so, how to do it right?

While SEO is crucial to a successful website presence, it can be very tricky to implement and figure out how far you want to go down the SEO rabbit hole.

And the good news is, you can offer basic SEO services in all our builds (like I did) and partner up with folks to take on the advanced/ongoing work. But it still leaves so many questions about how much you should take on yourself and how practically to do it.

So get ready, because this week we’re kicking off a 2-part “Selling SEO” podcast series to help!

For part 1, lead innovator at backlink tool Farzad Rashidi joins us to help you decide if SEO is a service you want to pursue as a part of your web design suite of services and if so, how to do it successfully.

My hope is that this conversation will shed some light on SEO as a service and help you decide what you want to offer and want you might want to hand off. For now at least :)

P.S. Part 2 dropping next in episode 204 will be about how to selling SEO as a recurring service so get ready for a fun week of SEO?

What a nerd, I know. But this is fun stuff!


In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
04:34 - Greeting to Farzad
07:55 - Customer journey
12:21 - What is the main driver
17:58 - Backwards building
19:42 - Allocation of resources
23:24 - Too much content
25:11 - Quality is not a plus
29:21 - Whole process
31:46 - Farzad surprises Josh
33:28 - No spam, build relationships
36:54 - Follow the process
43:33 - Co-opetition
49:26 - Being good at all
54:58 - Consistency
1:01:03 - Gifts from Farzad
1:03:48 - Best place to start
1:04:36 - Scientific SEO formula

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