Scorch Plugin: Walkthrough Tutorial | Chord Generator / Sounds / Effects (FX)

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Sauceware Audio presents the incredible "Scorch" Plugin!

Hello everyone! For all the music creators, beatmakers, composers, musicians, finding new (and great) plugins is a never ending task!

When super produdce MyBestFriendJacob launched the Sauceware Audio brand, I knew I was going to be ready for whatever plugins they had to offer. Octave Deluxe is incredible! (Check that out! LOL).

But, the Sauceware Audio team really went above and beyond with Scorch.

In this video, check out my first impressions of the plugin. Hear some sounds. See how the interactive graphics work and, perhaps the most valuable part of the plugin, the "chords" feature!

Check out Scorch here (currently on sale!): https://saucewareaudio.com/products/scorch


Da Fingaz

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:10 Free plugins!
0:49 Disclaimer
1:11 Scorch link
1:30 Opening Scorch
1:50 Plugin overview
3:35 Playing a combination sound
4:15 FX
4:42 Heaven’s Gate sound
5:28 Hymns Again Piano
6:12 Master Pref
7:20 Extra Sauce
9:23 Uber Driver
10:14 Catalystic Chants
10:45 Uh oh
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