Running a Husband-and-Wife Web Design Business with Lisa Williams

Ep. 164 - Have you ever thought about or seriously considered bringing your spouse into your web design business?

Whether it’s a small role or a full-fledged business partnership, there are a LOT of things to consider, plan out and be prepared for if it’s going to be successful.

In this episode, Lisa Williams, owner of husband-and-wife team web design business JoLiDesignSolutions.com, shares her top lessons learned and experiences with how they run their “spouse and business partner” web design business.

Not only are they spouses and business partners who work from home together, but they also share the same home office! I had loads of questions on how they run their business working from home and how they turn it off going from “spouse to business partner mode.”

It was truly a fascinating conversation and while I’m sure you can think of every joke imaginable when it comes to spouses working together, I do want to encourage you who are thinking about this to take this seriously because it can actually be awesome, as you’ll uncover in this chat.

For Lisa, to be able to have a spouse who understands the work and entrepreneurial struggles and challenges, who understands the clients and the work and to have someone to be able to work, travel and do life with, is awesome. And you’ll hear how they’ve made it work in this interview :)

Enjoy this one…I sure did!

In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
04:54 - Greeting to Lisa
06:30 - The business story
16:36 - The car crash catalyst
20:34 - Client relationships
26:26 - Benefits of an IT spouse
32:10 - Managing the 24/7 partner
40:32 - The set-up
44:36 - Have intentional time together
54:05 - Strength in two
1:02:41 - Seeing the value of the story
1:09:08 - Having processes in place
1:13:31 - Taking time away from work
1:22:52 - 2022 plans
1:24:47 - Mutual appreciation

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