Roboten AppStudio - Building Svea Bank using low- and no-code

Low- and No-code will change how teams work from the ground up-
In this video, we demonstrate the power of low- and no-code. The philosophy behind Roboten is that designers and product developers no longer will have to do handovers, and developers should not have to do repetitive tasks. Instead, designers can develop applications as they would work in their favorite tool, e.g. #figma, and be able to design and test their final app directly.

Developers can instead build components that do not already exist, that designers use to create larger modules. Developers can also also build data connectors if they are not already in the Roboten library or Marketplace leaving designers to just drag and drop data in to views and components.

Roboten AppStudio is one of four Roboten products that share the same philosophy. Together, they bring all the benefits of a full stack.

In this example, the front end of a Swedish Bank is created. Svea Bank provides API for all their services, from login to multiple views where all data is fully dynamical.

It takes less than two hours to build this app. We have prepared the individual components that are being used. However, all of these components have been created by designers and are components available and ready to use in Roboten in order to build larger modules.

The output from our products is pure code, just like if it was written in a standard code editor. Our users can choose to commit the code to their Git, or use some of our common hosting plugins e.g. Netlify and Vercel, but also choose to host it wherever they want.

Naturally, Roboten offers to host, but the philosophy is that we should not have any lock-in, and the products should follow the common development processes. We only want to change how applications are built from the ground, and create a development environment that suits both designers and developers and where everyone can focus on what they do best while collaborating in real-time.

Another interesting part worth mentioning is that the user can import any 3rd part components into Roboten AppStudio. You can take your existing, build new components, or use pre-made components. These become design elements that can be used in our drag-and-drop UI.

All Roboten products have access to a Marketplace. In the case of AppStudio, there are pre-made elements needed to create a frontend ready for you to use, from templates and full applications to themes, components assets, and views.

As a user of Marketplace, you will be able to publish your own templates. A large part of different views are the same in a modern web application, and with Roboten you are able to copy parts of your previous projects, but also publish your work to your internal marketplace in one click. The internal marketplace can be customized to only be available to certain projects, teams, or the entire organization. In that way, a designer can create multiple new services or try solving UI and UX in a better way.

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