Reviewing the NEW @Vettsy GEL LINER SETS Halloween Nail Tutorial 2021 | Nails by Kamin

Reviewing the NEW @Vettsy GEL LINER SETS Halloween Nail Tutorial 2021 | Nails by Kamin

This video is a review on the new vettsy gel liners, this video is for anyone who enjoys watching nail content and if you're a beginner, i did some long square nails using polygel to create this orange and black mickey mouse halloween nail set. I did a classic french tip using orange gel, i gave one finger a black drip whilst keeping the other nail simple with a black outline. I used the Vettsy nail stickers on the thumb and middle nails. The ring finger nail was a mickey mouse bat nail inspired by instgram (link below).

This nail set was created using mostly Vettsy products (polygel, gel liners and nail stickers) and the finished nails came out super cute and spooky in time for halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This nail look was inspired by @luxenailsbyalex on instagram: https://bit.ly/3jP7m99

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Products Used:
Vettsy Gel liner set 1- https://bit.ly/3Ew6xdp
Vettsy Gel liner set 2- https://bit.ly/3EBn5Rr
Vettsy Baby boomer polygel kit- https://bit.ly/3muqFq4
Halloween stickers- i could not find these on the website
Makartt JD700 E-File- https://bit.ly/3CpZbaX
Makartt Drill bits- https://amzn.to/3GAGeou
Makartt Mini UV lamp- https://bit.ly/2Y58fmC
Makartt 180/100 Grit Hand file- https://bit.ly/3nKnBFN
@MelodySusie Official Matte top and base coat- https://bit.ly/3CyuEHM
Amazon XXL clear nail tips - https://amzn.to/3vDoWSh
Amazon Nail tip cutters- https://amzn.to/2Y4Glak
Sun X UV Lamp- https://amzn.to/3bcM6FL

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