REST style E-Commerce Website with Javascript & PHP | no frameworks or libraries | part I

In this playlist we will journey together to build a complete e-commerce website and will learn following professionally sought after skills:
1. REST API based .
2. SPA: Single Page Application for faster loading.
3. Code separation between frontend & backend.
4. Frontend & backend as two separate websites that communicate over FETCH API
5. Understand and handle CORS (Cross-Site-Resource-Sharing) related issues..
6. Frontend implementation in JS, backend implementation in PHP.
7. No Frameworks or libraries; able to code and develop without any framework crutches.
And much more...
In this first part of the series we are going to build header section of the website which implements navigation of the website.
0:00 Introduction
1:48 Demo
8:40 HTML code
23:43 CSS Styling
39:20 Database and Category table creation
45:03 JS Code / HTTP request to server with FETCH API
50:38 PHP code / HTTP response
1:04:30 CORS error and its solution - approach I
1:24:30 Integrating HTTP response data into webpage and its styling
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#SinglePageApplication, #SPA, #RESTapiBasedWebsite, #RESTapiBasedEcommerceWebsite
#php, #CORS, #fetch, #FetchApi, #REST
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