Responsive Web Design Tutorial by Figma Breakpoints Plugin - Figma Responsive Web Design Tutorial

This responsive web design tutorial by Figma, covers breakpoint-dependent adaptive responsive design, basic typography, type scaling, and Figma constraints and resizing.

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Figma Breakpoint plugin is a really handy Figma plugin for designers to make adaptive responsive design in Figma. It let you set breakpoints, so that it can response as per screen size. And, for this plugin, Responsive design Figma setup became more dynamic.

Typography is vital for any good design. If you are learning UI Design. You should look for typography tutorials. We also covered a basic typography Figma based setup. But there are lot to cover, please comment, if you need a in depth video on Typography Figma.

If you are designing a desktop video into a table view design or mobile view design. You need to understand Type Scale. Type scaling is vital for adaptive design. We did discuss in this Figma tutorial how to do type scale in Figma.

In Figma constraints and resizing is another thing to understand. If don’t set the constraints properly, the frames will not resize properly. We showed how to do that too.

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