Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD | (Course 6/7) Complete Course

UX Design Professional Certificate

Course Material :

0:00:00 Introduction to Course 6 Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD
0:02:26 Dave - My journey to UX
0:05:11 Welcome to week 1
0:06:29 Understand responsive Websites
0:09:45 Introduction to Adobe XD
0:12:10 Start a Project in Adobe XD
0:20:23 Jennifer - Use digital Design tools
0:22:41 Emphathize with users and understand pain points
0:26:50 Create personas
0:29:12 Create user Stories
0:31:51 Build a user jouney map
0:35:28 Develop a Problem statement
0:37:25 Wrap-up Starting the UX design process Empathize and define

0:38:14 Welcome to week 2
0:39:11 Conduct a competitive audit
0:42:43 Come up with ideas using how might be
0:45:23 Come up with ideas using Crazy Eights
0:50:45 Plan information architecture for a website
0:52:49 Explore Common Website Structures
1:00:00 Explore sitemaps
1:02:31 Build a sitemap for your website
1:07:55 Wrap-up Continuing the UX design process ideate

1:08:59 welcome to week 3
1:10:33 Explore common layouts for websites home pages
1:17:57 The basics of wireframes
1:27:08 Plot a responsive layout
1:30:32 Adjust page layouts based on screen size
1:33:24 transition from page to digital wireframes
1:34:50 Creates digital wireframes in Adobe XD
1:43:45 Creates wireframes for additional screen sizes in Adobe XD
1:48:41 Jay - Design with Adobe XD
1:51:32 Refine wireframes to enhance accessibility
1:57:42 Evaluate wireframes using Gestalt Principles
2:01:06 Wrap-up Creating wireframes for a responsive website

2:02:16 Welcome to week 4
2:03:16 Understand Low-fidelity Prototypes
2:05:54 Create a low-fidelity prototypes in Adobe XD
2:11:20 Plan a UX research study
2:15:14 Conduct a usability study
2:18:07 Reduce bias in a usability study
2:22:50 Analyze and Synthesize research results
2:25:28 Iterate on low-fidelity designs based on research findings
2:30:22 Wrap-up creating and testing low-fidelity prototypes

2:31:12 Welcome to week 5
2:32:16 Begin to design mockups
2:34:36 Start creating mockups for a website homepage in Adobe XD
2:44:17 Continue creating mockups for a website homepage in Adobe XD
2:54:51 Creating mockups for a mobile website in Adobe XD
2:58:00 Work with design systems
3:01:24 use External design systems in Adobe XD
3:03:41 Create a high-fidelity prototypes in Adobe Xd
3:10:20 Annotate prototypes for web accessibility
3:14:51 Wrap-up Creating and testing high-fidelity designs
3:15:56 Optional - Test your high-fidelity prototype

3:18:46 Welcome to Week 6
3:19:25 Collaboration with Engineering teams
3:22:00 Hand off Design Specs in Adobe XD
3:25:25 Add a project to your portfolio
3:27:25 Understand common jobs for UX designers
3:33:13 Explore types of companies that UX designers work
3:39:22 Identify where to apply for UX design jobs
3:44:18 Scan job descriptions for key words
3:49:21 Understand UX design resumes
3:52:50 Dane - My advise for UX design resumes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Apply each step of the UX design process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) to create a responsive website.
- Develop designs in a popular design tool, Adobe XD.
- Plan information architecture and create sitemaps for website designs.
- Apply common layouts for web pages.
- Plan and conduct a usability study to gather feedback about designs.
- Iterate on designs based on research insights.
- Work with design systems in Adobe XD.
- Add a new design project to your professional UX portfolio.
- [Optional] Create or update a UX-focused resume.

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