Responsive Web Design #15

To give form the flex layout, the display property of the form is set to flex (display: flex). Because by default, it would be in a horizontal flex layout where all items arrange in a single row. Lets Make Responsive Web Design #15 - CSS FLEXBOX की 15 ऐसी PROPERTIES जिससे हर Website Responsive बनती है Also, we have added “flex-wrap: wrap.” This is to specify that if the elements can’t fit in a single row, then the flex layout can wrap into several rows.

Inputs: The integral part of this technique is the flex property on the inputs. Here 3 values have been assigned to flex (1 1 10ch), which is the shorthand for 3 css properties that are given below:
flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis and much more properties to make responsive web design with ccss flex - responsive design Responsive css Responsive website responsive website using html and css responsive how to make responsive website in html and css responsive web design tutorial....

Video Chapters:
00:24 Responsive Web Design with css flex
00:43 CSS FLEXBOX properties list
01:58 Justify Content - Center
03:14 Justify Content - Flex start
03:28 Justify Content - Flex end
03:38 Justify Content - SPace around
03:53 Justify Content - SPace between
04:00 Justify Content - SPace evenly
06:17 Align Items - Center
06:32 Align Items - Flex Start
08:40 Align Items - Flex end
08:56 flex direction row reverse
12:06 Subscribe for more website development
12:30 Targeting class one by one
15:44 CSS DESIGN with inspect element
19:43 CS Flex box properties
22:14 CSS Flexbox Grow properties
25:40 CSS Flexbox Shrink Properties
25:59 CSS Flex box basis properties
27:46 CSS Flex box align Self properties
29:53 Subscribe for more website development

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