Responsive CSS Grid Tutorial

New to CSS Grid? Watch the full Crash Course here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOPCQ5nD1Vs

Add Google Fonts to your web design here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4e3XCD_E8E&lc=z234sxpyvmmlytcwb04t1aokgqn2ra244pkcbj1fp0rwrk0h00410

In this video I go over how I use CSS Grid to make responsive layouts. I show you how to take Sketch designs to create the layout structure. Then I show you the full front end coding tutorial, where I create the structure of the elements in HTML and then make the grid in CSS. I use grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows to define the number and size of each element and then I use grid-template-areas to define each block of the design.

Once the web design is completed I show you how to make this design responsive by adding an '@ media' and defining the columns, rows and areas for the mobile view. Finally I apply CSS styling to the font, colors and alignment to make the final polished design.

View the Code here: https://codepen.io/angeladelise/pen/YzXLdyq?editors=1010

In this video I show you:
0:16 - How to get started with a Sketch layout design
1:11 - How to add grid lines
1:22 - How to define the columns
1:51 - What is FR
2:03 - How to define the rows
3:17 - The HTML code
4:24 - Display Grid
4:50 - How to create the columns with CSS
5:26 - How to create the rows with CSS
7:09 - How to use grid template area
8:05 - How to write grid template area in CSS
10:16 - How to add a column and row gap
11:02 - How to make this design responsive
13:40 - Add CSS variables
14:34 - How to add font styling
15:26 - Overview of CSS Grid

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