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How to Create Awesome Card Design for Website with HTML CSS

In this video I will show you how to create creative card design with hover effect step by step.
Claymorphism card design with html CSS only. the new modern design will give you new design ideas. Let's do this.

Illustration Assets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dbFU2op8kRjNwQXvBNebHNenZyimOkzx?usp=sharing

Html playlist for Beginners :

Html heading in Bangla :

Html paragraph in Bangla :

We all know that html is fundamentals for everyone who wanna be a web developer . It's important to learn html. MativeDev create a course html fundamentals for you guys to learn on YouTube. We are so exited to share our ideas with you. Hope you will love it. This video is about Claymorphism
. you will learn Claymorphism card design in Bangla in details from here.
In our playlist there are more topics we cover like heading, paragraph, image link, list, form and so on....

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