responsive car rental website using html css and javascript ( Hindi / Urdu )

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how to make a complete responsive car selling single page website design using html css and vanilla javascript from scratch.
create a complete responsive single page front end car selling / car dealership / car renting / car buying / vehicles template website design tutorial using html css and vanilla javascript.

the main feature of this website are:
✔ responsive header / navbar with toggle navbar menu and login form effect using vanilla javascript.
✔ responsive home
✔ responsive Products
✔ responsive services section using css grid.
✔ responsive newsletter.
✔ responsive review / testimonial
✔ responsive footer section using css grid.

Responsive Car Rental Website Using HTML CSS And JavaScript Create A Responsive Car Selling Website Design Using HTML - CSS - JavaScript || Step By Step

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Responsive Filter Menu using HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT

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0:00 demo
3:02 file structure
4:20 responsive navbar
20:50 header section
26:51 about us
32:03 products section
41:50 Why Choose us
51:01 review section
55:57 newsletter
59:30 footer section
1:15:09 final demo

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