Response To Brad Traversy Web Development Roadmap of 2022

Yesterday the popular YouTuber, Brad Traversy, published his annual ‘Web Development Roadmap’ on YouTube. At the time of writing, just 20 hours have passed since the publication of his new roadmap and already his video has had over 44,000 views. This number will surely be considerably higher by the time you read this message. Whether we like it or not, Brad Traversy is huge on YouTube. What he says has massive weight and for PHP developers, yesterday’s video represents a new low for PHP.

I have a lot to say about his video. However, I've decided to present this information in written form. If you'd like to read what the Web Developer Extraordinaire has to say about the Traversy web development guide / roadmap for 2022 then please do check out the news section at Trongate.io.

Part 1: What Traversy's video says about his channel - https://trongate.io/news/display/BWPPQZ/response-to-traversys-web-development-roadmap--part-1

Part 2: What Traversy's video says about the state of PHP - https://trongate.io/news/display/7N3USV/response-to-traversys-web-development-roadmap--part-2
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