Resources I used to get a package of 24 LPA | Top Web Development Resources

In this video we are going to discuss about some resources which I used to become a professional web developer and a mobile application engineer. You will get to know about some youtube channels, websites and courses from which you can learn web development, app development and machine learning. These resources can be really helpful for you.

0:00 - DON'T SKIP
0:29 - Course 1
1:43 - Course 2
3:02 - Youtube Channel 1
4:43 - Youtube Channel 2
5:15 - Youtube Channel 3
6:05 - Youtube Channel 4
6:47 - Youtube Channel 5
7:25 - Youtube Channel 6
8:01 - Youtube Channel 7
8:57 - Website 1
9:43 - Website 2
10:12 - Website 3
10:40 - Bonus Tip
12:00 - Bye Bye

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