Rejected from a Developer Job Interview? Here's how to handle it.

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Most programmers have been rejected from a developer job that they really wanted, but not all know how to use that experience to better themselves for the next one. That's what we discuss in this video.
1. Emotional Response - accept that it happened so you can go back and learn from it to help you succeed in the next one. Don't say "whatever, that's behind me. I'm just gonna focus on the next" because there's valuable information in your experience.
2. Ask for Feedback - After being rejected, ask them why. And tell them you want to know so that you can improve in that aspect. Remember to always be polite.
3. Reflect on the Interview Process - this is why you accepted that it happened instead of forgot that it happened. You need to be honest with yourself. What part did you feel went well? What part not so much? What part did you feel less confident? How did the interviewers respond to your answers - not just in what they said, but how they looked? All of this is valuable information to help you improve.
4. Improve Where You're Lacking - Whatever you found out from the interviewer, or from your own recollection, improve it. This could be coding projects, technical interview, promptness, resume, your knowledge of their company, or even how you formatted your email. Or, it could've been due to your soft skills. I'm not the best teacher in this space as I feel it's difficult to teach and learn, since you're changing a lot of who you are, but here are a few tips if you know soft skills is what's keeping you from getting that job.
a. Look them in the eyes. Don't stare at them, but frequently make eye contact instead of just staring at the desk or your resume. Especially when you're talking. When you look away too much they may think that you're lying.
b. When they nod, you nod. Do what they do. It makes them think that you're listening.
c. Try not to fiddle around too much. Show more confidence.
d. Basically, you have to con them lol - but only in your soft skills to make yourself more likeable. I mean, many individuals can do the job but fail at this aspect based on the interviewer's bias. Just like many can do the job but fail the technical interview because they don't know a particular algorithm. But if that's the case, just go to https://algoexpert.io/forrest. Use code "forrest" for a discount. If you want to confidently pass the technical interview, algoexpert is the place for it.
5. Always Be Learning - throughout this whole process, remember to continue harnessing your skill that you need for the job you want. Coding your own web apps will not only do just that, but will also look good on your portfolio.
6. And overall, just perfect these aspects of the interview. The skills to do the job - that should be a given and something that you actually know. The skills to pass the technical interview, because that's a beast in and of itself. The skills to be likeable - the soft skills - because no one wants to work with someone they don't think they'll like. And a random tip - make sure you know about the company for which you're applying. You can't go in there and they ask "okay, what is your understanding of our company?" or "what do you like most about our company?" but you have no response because you actually don't know.
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