Refactor your Neovim init.lua! Take a single init.lua, break it into modules, look like a hero!

Want to take a single init.lua file for Neovim and refactor into into a more manageable set of modules with a single file for each plugin?

I did, and that's what we are doing in this video!

Useful? Let me know in the comments!


0:22 Background
2:15 The approach (essentially the same as https://github.com/Allaman/nvim/)
5:20 Reworking the files
5:49 Points of note
6:30 First start up (yes, it breaks cause I'm a chump)
7:56 Up and running
8:17 Sign Off, like subscribe, buy my stuff etc

# My init.lua

@benfrain init.lua (Always a WIP!): https://gist.github.com/benfrain/97f2b91087121b2d4ba0dcc4202d252f

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