Redux Persist with Redux Tool Kit - PART 3 | React navigation, Formik, Firebase auth | React native

With the Redux Persist library, developers can save the Redux store in persistent storage, for example, the local storage. Therefore, even after refreshing the browser, the site state will still be preserved. Redux Persist also includes methods that allow us to customize the state that gets persisted and rehydrated, all with an easily understandable API.

In this video, we’ll learn how to use Redux Persist with Redux Toolkit in React. To follow along with this article, you should be familiar with React and Redux Toolkit

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01:56 Redux Persist Integration
06:05 Persisting redux store
09:24 Whitelist in Redux Persist
11:12 Firebase auth Sign out in react native
15:04 Sign out Reducer in toolkit
16:40 iOS setup
18:42 Firebase iOS configuration
20:57 Firebase iOS initialization
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