Redesigning our Corporate Website | UI/UX Website Design Tutorial

Today, Marketing Manager Becky talks about what went into redesigning the Nexrage Studios website. And no, it wasn't as easy as drawing a perfect circle. Hank Green says they don't even exist so... that's neither here nor there though. We're here to talk about design, websites, and all that jazz.

We have several blogs discussing web design as well as SEO. There are tons of great resources out there. One of her favorite tools when discussing SEO and websites, in general, is SEMrush, as well as Adobe XD.

Web design in all its glory will be different for every company. Since we're a smaller local-based company we prioritized fast load speed and local keywords. It'll be different for everyone. We wanted a branding refresh as well as a new general layout and design for our website. A lot of our assets and simple layout stayed the same, but there were some major changes that needed to be done internally in our code and externally on the client-facing side.

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